About Vivian Giannakakis, DC

As a chiropractic patient, I’ve appreciated the continued benefits of the chiropractic adjustment and the journey it has taken me through. After a severe car accident I was thankfully referred to a chiropractor to help with my healing. A few weeks into care I felt such great relief from my physical discomfort and then gradually I began to notice a difference in how I experience my world. To my surprise it was refreshing to have a completely new experience and gave new meaning to my idea of the “doctor/patient” relationship. My first chiropractor not only gave me results but really cared about me making positive changes in my life. With every adjustment I received I began to feel more of my body, and became more aware of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. It is something I strive for all my patients to feel as I adjust them and help guide them to better health. It is something I found the care here at Living Well Balanced excels at.

When I chose to change my education from an accounting major to a chiropractic doctor, I packed up my bags and headed south to Life University in Marietta, Georgia. I knew after graduating I would want to come back and serve my home town of NYC. Growing up in a very Greek family I learned the amazing values of hard work, caring for others, respecting life, and creating joy. I am happy to join the Living Well Balanced team in helping change and enhance our community in greater health and well-being.

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