About Martin Melendez

Martin believes that connecting mind body and spirit in our approach to health. Martin is a certified personal trainer under NASM and has several certifications including Pre-Post Natal, TRX, along with Strength and Conditioning under NSCA. Martin graduated with a BA in International Studies from Long Island University – CW Post and has been working in travel for a good chunk of his professional life until he was bitten by the fitness bug living in Boston. “I just felt empty and alone. I had fun but my life lacked substantial meaning in my work. After watching a TEDtalk, I came to terms with the fact that I wanted to support people becoming their best selves they can be through fitness. So I found a mentor, worked on my certifications, and started working in fitness.” Martin has worked for NYSC, Equinox, and Crunch Fitness but still wanted something that was “concerned with supporting peopleʼs health journey rather than how many times we can run their cards for sessions”. Living Well Balanced not only supports his values to health and wellness, but encourages him to be better everyday.


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