About Jolie Rizzo

Jolie has been a lover of all things healthy as long as she can remember. Being an athlete in high school, she quickly learned that she needed to fuel her body properly in order to perform better. In college, she began teaching large group exercise spin and TRX classes, but realized quickly that her true love was small-group and personalized fitness – regardless of anyone’s age, shape, or size. Jolie recently attended the TRX International Summit in Athens, Greece where she met the creator, Randy Hetrick, and was able to learn TRX techniques used in over 30 countries worldwide. She enjoys using the TRX to help people realize that yes, your body CAN do it (even if you think it can’t!)

After finding her own voice in personal training and getting to know her clients, Jolie was learning more and more that people could exercise all they wanted, but if their diet was poor, or their stress levels were high, they would not be able to achieve their physical goals. This led her to become a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and to help give people different holistic and natural mechanisms to incorporate into their daily lives. Now she helps people not only achieve their physical goals, but to establish a newfound confidence and happiness in their everyday lives.

Jolie is excited to be a part of the Living Well Balanced team, and to help enhance the health and well-being in our community.

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