About Jen Salenger, BA, LMT

Surrounded by her father’s medical practice as a child, Jen developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the inner workings of the human body. As a high school athlete, she discovered the benefits of massage firsthand when a physical therapist helped treat her shin splints. She recognized her calling and set her mind on a career showing a new way to approach the human body. Combined with a strong interest in Japan and Eastern types of bodywork, Jen pursued massage therapy.

Jen received her training from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York City, and loves knowing she has the skill to help lessen pain and improve daily life through massage. “My goal and hope is to use technical skills and a caring nature to help make every day feel like the best day you’ve ever had.”

Jen has advanced training and certification in prenatal massage. She has a deep interest and knowledge of the childbearing cycle, and its effects on the body. She believes that massage helps foster healthy transition for all bodies, and especially eases the growth of a pregnant woman’s body and the developing child within. To schedule an appointment with Jen, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email or call 212-579-2858.

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