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Living Well Balanced, located in the Upper West Side of NYC, has a first-rate yoga program that concentrates on maintaining the integrity of your spinal column and therefore the integrity of your nervous system. Our yoga practice brings the mind and body together to help people react better to the world around them, and to help their nervous systems process more efficiently and with less stress. Plus, you not only receive the benefits of having an instructor to guide you through your practice, you have the added advantage of your instructor and chiropractor working together.

Yoga Q & A
How does Yoga support my chiropractic care?

The mind-body connection is an essential part of chiropractic. Yoga is great for enhancing the mobility and health of the spine, and it’s also essential for mind-body centering. Our yoga practices assist in bringing the mind and body together, and help maintain the integrity of your spinal column and therefore the integrity of your nervous system.

What type of Yoga practice is offered at Living Well Balanced?

We include elements of vinyasa yoga, pranayama (breath control), restorative yoga and meditation in our programs. Courses in yoga are tailored individually to people with any level of yoga competence, from absolute beginner to enlightened expert. Moms-to-be, people with injuries or physical limitations are encouraged to take a class!

What can I expect from a Private Yoga Session?

A client who is more experienced can often find that by working one-on-one with our instructor, he or she can do more personal exercises and get more direct attention than is possible in a class. For someone who is new to yoga, the practice of yoga can make a change in one’s spine, in someone’s strength, and in the ability to respond to the world.

Our studio is well-equipped with yoga mats, towels, blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows and bolsters. No need to bring anything but yourself. Join us for a yoga session in the upper west side by calling 212-579-2858.

What are the benefits of Yoga in conjunction with Physical Therapy?

Chronic pain doesn’t just affect your body, it affects you mind too. Pain can cause a lot of stress and anxiety that can affect the quality of your life. While our physical therapists take care of your body, our yoga experts focus on your mind.

A good yoga session after a physical therapy one is great for loosening your muscles and improving your flexibility. It also helps you develop better posture which in turn is great for spinal health. By stretching your limbs you are able to release any remaining stress from your body making your movements more fluid.

Yoga also helps improve your breathing. Our one-on-one yoga sessions ensure you get all the care and attention you require. We welcome all kinds of patients, especially expectant mothers and people recovering from surgery or injury.

At Living Well Balanced, your yoga instructor and physical therapist work together to create a holistic health and wellness plan catered to your specific needs. Your yoga sessions with us are bound to leave you relaxed, happy and reinvigorated.


Yoga Price List

Personalized private and semi-private yoga sessions.

90 Minute Initial Session$150

Includes initial consultation, movement assessment, and 1-hour session.

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