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Expand your health and fitness goals with our team at Living Well Balanced, in Manhattan, New York City, with our stretching sessions. Each of us carries stress and tension in different areas of our body. That’s why we carefully tailor each stretching session to fit your individual needs, focusing on removing tension, improving posture, expanding flexibility to where you never thought possible, and boosting your energy so that you get the most out of your fitness goals.

Treatment Q & A
Why should I be Stretching regularly?

Making stretching a regular part of your fitness routine has many positive benefits for your health. Many of our practice members enjoy the boost in energy, relief from stress, and a general feeling of rejuvenation they get from our stretching therapy. As we go through our day or during a great work out, we tend to store stress in our muscles and soft tissue that can be released during our stretching sessions. You’ll find your quality of sleep is improved, adding a boost of energy to your days. Restore vitality and watch your body rejuvenate with our stretching therapy. It just feels so good!

How does regular stretching affect my health?

It’s well known that regular stretching plays a key role in preventing injuries and can greatly reduce soreness post workout. But many do not realize the important connection between regular stretching and keeping your spine healthy. Stretching keeps the soft tissue and supportive musculature in the spine pliable, flexible, and maintains proper spinal alignment.

Maintaining a high level of flexibility in the spine is crucial for proper movement and biomechanics in the joints. When joints in the spine are restricted from normal movement, the surrounding muscles and ligaments shorten, becoming tight and painful. Poor flexibility in the spinal joints increases the risk for muscle damage, strains, inflammation, and joint pain. You can avoid that risk by regularly stretching your muscles. The stretching sessions at Living Well Balanced breathe life back into your muscles, giving you the perfect springboard to improve fitness performance and heal faster from soft tissue injuries. Finally, know what the freedom of movement feels like!

Why can’t I just stretch on my own at home?

Stretching on your own has its limitations, especially if you are recovering from an injury—you may be stretching in a way that irritates the injury more than it’s helping! Also, stretching a muscle requires twice the force needed to strengthen it. That makes it difficult to relax into a deep stretch when you are resisting against yourself. For the best results, we recommend professional assisted stretching.

Our personal trainers and massage therapists focus on how your body stores tension, where weakness and imbalances are located and work to restore balance. You will be simply amazed at the dramatic difference in flexibility and strength after an assisted stretching session!

And let’s be realistic, if left to your own devices, are you really going to stretch all your problem areas the right way, every time, and consistently? Probably not! And not well enough to reach maximum flexibility, enhanced range of motion, and relief from pain. Save yourself time and the risk of hurting yourself and try our assisted stretching program today!

What are the benefits of assisted stretching after a physical therapy session?

A physical therapy session is like a workout, you need to ease your muscles back to normal function. That is where assisted stretching helps you out. A good stretching session helps relax your muscles, reduce inflammation and feel more active and healthy.

Apart from pain relief, stretching is also great for improving your posture. A lot of the stress we carry in our spine is due to the way we carry our weight. Good posture helps take that stress off and make you look taller and healthier.

Stretching isn’t just great for your muscles, it helps your bones as well. By helping you move more freely and develop the right posture, stretching improves bone health as well. With less weight on your bones, especially those in your spine, they are able to function better.

Intensive physical therapy sessions can also leave your muscles a little sore and inflamed. Assisted stretching helps reduce that inflammation and soreness. Not to mention, it makes you feel great. A good stretch can take away all the stress of the day making you feel light as a feather.

At Living Well Balanced, your trainer and physical therapist work together to make sure your stretching session is customized to your specific needs. This is really helpful for people recovering from surgery or injury because we can design stretching sessions focused on improving mobility of the affected area.


Getting Started with Assisted Stretching

At your first stretching session, you can expect to meet with either one of our trainers or massage therapists. They will sit down with you for a consultation, where they will gather important information—why are you interested in an assisted stretching program, what your goals and expectations are out of a stretching program, and what you’re currently doing for stretching and flexibility.

Part of that consultation will include a 15-20-minute flexibility assessment. Your main problem areas will be assessed for stiffness, range of motion, flexibility, and amount of tension being held in the muscles and soft tissues. Our team member will then assess how the imbalances in your problem areas are affecting the rest of your body’s overall functional movement, from head to toe—because we are all connected, and one part of the body will always affect the other! ou should expect your first stretching session to be about an hour long: 30 minutes for the consultation and flexibility assessment, and then 30 minutes for the stretching treatment.

At your second session, expect to spend 5-10 minutes going over your results from your first session with your team member. Depending on how your body responded, our team member will then recommend an assisted stretching program custom tailored to you.

Do you want to finally experience the freedom of movement? Add assisted stretching for dramatic improvement in flexibility to your fitness goals. Call 212-579-2858 to schedule your stretching consultation today!

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