What is Rock Steady Boxing?

Rock Steady Boxing, (RSB) the first and only boxing program of its kind in the country, was founded in Indianapolis in 2006 by former Marion County Prosecutor, Scott C. Newman, who is living with Parkinson's. RSB gives people with Parkinson's disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing based fitness curriculum. Since 2006 RSB has grown to over 126 affiliates in the US and internationally.

Getting Started

Nearly everyone with Parkinsonʼs disease can participate and receive benefit from Rock Steady Boxing. Some participants will require a cornerman (caretaker) to assist in each session. We require all potential boxers to complete a 1 hour assessment with our RSB Certified Trainer. This is imperative for us to properly assess how to best tailor our classroom attention to meet the boxerʼs particular needs. Please call or email us at 212-579-2858 / info@livingwb.com to set your appointment today!

What People Say

"I've been coming to RSB for just over a year. I've had great improvements in strength, balance and flexibility. I'm in the best shape since high school. On my last visit to my neurologist he indicated the severity of my Parkinsonism was 50% less than it was 6 months earlier.”

A 2-year study at the University of Indianapolis found that “boxers demonstrated significantly better balance and walking function over time...compared to people who chose other forms of exercise. The survey responses also indicated a higher perceived quality of life among the Rock Steady participants.”

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