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At Living Well Balanced located in Manhattan NYC, our occupational therapists take a unique approach to treatment.

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Occupational Therapy Q & A
Getting Started with Occupational Therapy

Your first visit will be our chance to sit down with each other and discuss your specific goals. Once we understand how we can help you, we then proceed to perform a series of measurement tests to give us a better picture of how your upper extremities are functioning on a regular basis including grip strength, edema, range of motion and special tests to target the source of your discomfort or lack of function. We take a deep dive into your occupations of work, social interaction, leisure, play, and rest as well as your self identified role. We investigate what imbalances your body presents and which compensations in your movement pattern could be causing your pain as well as which activities my exacerbate and/or relieve the pain. You will be given therapeutic exercises for your specific problem with printouts to perform at home as we start our journey together. Additionally, you will be encouraged to mimic everyday tasks in the clinic in order to assess you ability to complete daily activities with reduced pain and assess the need for adaptive equipment and/or ways to complete specific tasks.

How is Occupational Therapy at Living Well Balanced different than other clinics?

Here at Living Well Balanced we have redefined occupational therapy in the out-patient setting. You will be treated one on one with an occupational therapist the ENTIRE session performing a combination of hands-on therapy, individualized corrective exercises specifically addressing your postural and movement impairments. occupational therapists are uniquely trained to dissect your everyday activities, motion by motion, thought by thought in order to enable you with the tools to master them with the appropriate techniques. We will provide you with adaptations, functional activities in the clinic, and home exercise programs so you will be able to see the difference in your daily life as you complete the tasks that are most important to you. We look at the entire body as a whole unit that functions in sync. Our unique and specific initial evaluation will target areas for improvement with an emphasis on how you perform everyday occupations to guide your plan of care.

How can Occupational Therapy Help Me?

By utilizing the therapeutic use of everyday activities, exercises, pain management techniques, and education Occupational Therapy can help you get back to the things you love! In promoting overall wellness and focusing on injury prevention, Occupational Therapy at Living Well Balanced can help you in the following areas:

  • Activity modification: having trouble opening that tight pasta jar? pain in the elbow or forearm when lifting heavy objects? An Occupational Therapist will observe these activities and how you complete them and can give you way to adapt the activity or the environment in order for your body to work smarter, not harder.
  • Ergonomic consultation: neck pain from prolonged screen time? Holding stress in your shoulders? An Occupational therapist can take a look at your work space and how your body interacts with it to give you tips, tricks and modifications to make work a little less stressful either at the main office or the home office.
  • Cognitive strategies: Memory deficits and attention to tasks have you feeling overwhelmed? An Occupational Therapist will work together with you to increase memory function, attention to tasks and awareness to enhance safety and quality of life.
  • Fine motor control: Pain in the hands? Trouble gripping that bag or buttoning that shirt? Occupational Therapists work to increase strength and motion of your fingers that we often take for granted. Working with an OT can get you back to your normal routine again with the ability to flex and extend those digits in order to complete your daily activities.
  • Develop better mobility: No matter your age, if you're having trouble completing activities that are important to you, an occupational therapist can assess your condition and propose a plan that will get you back doing the things you love.

Manage age related issues: People suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain and stiffness can manage their pain and improve mobility through customized occupational therapy sessions and the use of heat and paraffin wax to calm those achy joints.

How do I choose which is better to help me, Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy?

You don't have to choose! Occupational therapy and physical therapy work great together to relieve pain, improve movement and get you back to doing the things you love! With Physical Therapy focusing on those large body parts and encouraging the mind and body to move in sync, it really sets the stage for Occupational Therapy to put those improvements to use as it relates to your daily life. We're all about functional gains and taking an individualized approach noting that no two bodies are the same.

Let's say you're having trouble cooking in your kitchen due to wrist and shoulder pain. An adjustment with your chiropractor can make sure everything is in proper alignment to support that musculature, physical therapy can then strengthen and stretch those muscles and joints to, occupational therapy will then put those muscles to use in a series of activities that challenge and promote wellbeing in your typical routine.

There are many advantages of having your chiropractor, physical therapist and occupational therapist under the same roof:

  • You get comprehensive treatment that helps you get better results.
  • Your chiropractor and therapists are well aware of your medical history and make sound decisions regarding your treatment.
  • You don’t have to visit multiple clinics/establishments to get better and manage your pain.
  • Your treatment takes place in a high-tech, clean, professional and friendly environment.

At Living Well Balanced, our chiropractors, physical therapists and occupational therapists work together to make sure you get the best possible treatment. All patient files are shared and each individual case is discussed in detail to help provide customized care to each patient. All our chiropractors and practitioners work in sync with each other incorporating the latest techniques to ensure faster and better healing.

You may be suffering from shoulder pain that is keeping you from lifting things or raising your arm, or knee pain that is hindering your morning run, or lower back pain that is making it hard to stand or sit for long. Together, the trio of chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and occupational therapy can help take all that pain away and enable you to return to your normal routine stronger and healthier.

How will my Occupational Therapy treatment work with massage and personal training?

Here at Living Well Balanced all services work in conjunction with each other. We are constantly communicating about every patient to ensure we meet their wellness and health goals. Your occupational therapist will be speaking with the massage therapist, physical therapist and chiropractor on an ongoing basis to discuss all pertinent areas to focus on during the treatment. In addition, your occupational therapist will consult with your personal trainer to ensure that everyone is on the same page to address your health need and your participation in every day activities you enjoy. In seeing an Occupational Therapist, you are really taking control of your life in a way that improves your well-being and how you experience the world around you.


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