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Winter Wellness

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To vitalize your heart and blood vessels, you can walk in place, throughout your house or up and down stairs. Add more jumping jacks or jump rope, and you’ve done a complete workout that not only strengthens and fortifies you, it helps you burn fat, too.

Smith advises to do at least something every day, like an alternating routine with upper body exercise one day and lower body the next. He recommends mixing in the abdominal and lower back exercises during “rest” periods, and short intervals of cardio in between sets to help muscle groups to recover.

To keep it fun and interesting, Smith keeps a deck of cards by his exercise area, and draws a card to see how many repetitions he will do of each exercise. Picture cards are 15 and Aces are 20, so if you want to vary your workout, that‘s one clever way to do it.

Just because it’s cold outside, you don’t have to put on your “winter twenty” – stay fit with some indoor exercise, and think how great you’ll look on the beach next summer! And if you want more suggestions on your winter exercise routine, just ask any of our awesome trainers!

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