What To Expect From A Massage


Some of you might have heard conflicting tales from their friends, leaving you confused about what to expect from a massage. Quickly, I’ll give you a general overview covering the most frequently asked questions I’ve gotten over the years.

Your First Session

First off, here at Well Balanced Chiropractic, all message therapists are licensed.

Your session will always begin with an intake, where we access your goals and conditions and create a personalized treatment plan. Any medical conditions you may have should be discussed here before the session begins.

After a brief consult, the therapist will exit the room to allow you privacy to get ready for your session. Most techniques are performed with you disrobed, and draped with a sheet based on New York state guidelines. Only the area being worked on will be exposed at anytime  But you may undress to whatever level you feel comfortable with. There are also modalities of massage that can be performed with you fully dressed if you prefer. If this is the case, please wear loose, comfortable cotton clothing.

During the Session

Once the session begins, you are free to let go and relax. The therapist will instruct you on any movements you may need to do. If at any time you have a question, feel any discomfort, or wish to give feedback – please do. This is your session, and your time.

After the session the therapist will leave the room. At this time, you may slowly get up, pausing if you feel lightheaded. After you are dressed your therapist will meet with you outside of the room to discuss any observations or aftercare. It is important that you drink plenty of water after a session, as toxins locked inside the tissues are broken up and dispersed into the body to be filtered. Sometimes you may experience some soreness or tenderness after a session. This is normal as the body deals with the released toxins. If this persists for more than 24 hours, call us so that we may assist.

I hope this provided you with a bit of insight about massages. Please leave your comments below, or send me an email if you have questions, I’ll answer you personally.