What is Medical Massage and Why Should it Be the Only Style You Book

Have you ever gotten a massage only to feel the benefits slip away within a day? Been there; done that. The problem with massage marketing is the nefarious messaging. It claims to be an instant fix when in reality it is simply a bandaid. Massage, when approached in a traditional transactional way, focuses on calming the mind and loosening the muscles. This approach augments a short- term goal but negates any long -term affects. Muscles will return to their tight state if there is no strengthening. This is why massage should be approached in a collaborative way. At Living Well Balanced, we incorporate physical therapy and chiropractic medicine into a massage treatment to ensure a client feels the relief they are seeking and has the arsenal to enjoy the benefits long-term. This approach is non traditional and follows a medical massage style.

What is medical massage?

Contrastingly to Swedish Massage where relaxation is the focus, medical massage is done after a medical evaluation. It focuses on specific areas that need attention whether that be from injury, chronic stiffness or tightness. Some benefits of medical massage are:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Decreasing pain and inflammation
  • Increasing flexibility

Below our Massage Therapist, Leela describes medical massage and demonstrates the benefits of it on a patient.