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The Power of Integration

Peanut Butter is pretty good on its own, but add some Chocolate and you have a recipe for scrumptiousness! Combining separate elements can transform them into something magical. Subtle nuances become amplified. New traits emerge, revealing powerful connections and surprising results. Finding the right combinations is a tricky mixture of trial and error, skill, and leaps of intuition. But when you hit upon the right recipe, its a game changer.

Health is one of the trickiest recipes to get right. The body is a labyrinth of interconnected systems. Layers of feedback loops, cascades of chemicals, and an army of powerful catalysts that teeter on the edge of chaos. All too often we overspecialize, focusing on the details while losing site of the whole. We tackle symptoms instead of the underlying problems leaving us with cosmetic patches and a crumbling foundation. The body is a system and has to be looked at as such.

If you want to lose weight, you can’t just hit the gym and expect results. You can’t fix that lower back pain with pills and a standing desk. That bad knee is more than an old college injury. Fixing it may be a combination of strengthening weak muscles, stretching tight muscles, eating right for your body, learning proper body mechanics, and retraining your brains response to the myriad of sensory input your body feeds it. When you get these elements right, your body responds. Thats the power of integration.

Here at Living Well Balanced we spend a lot of time focusing on that integration. We combine a cornucopia of services and tweak them to fit your needs. We assess and adjust, amplifying your strengths, and bolstering your weaknesses. We do all that under one roof, so you spend more time getting better and less time getting stressed traveling from one office to the next. We might not be as awesome as peanut butter and chocolate, be we are pretty darn close.

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