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The Medicated Child

I recently watched a documentary called The Medicated Child . I was horrified to see how doctors were experimenting with children and antidepressants and mood-altering drugs. Not once in this documentary did I see them ask about the kids’ diet or lifestyle.

I saw the kids in this documentary seem simply to fade away. But children are meant to thrive and be silly at times. Trying to dim their light is so sad. Before ever considering that route I would look at any therapies that may help with mood changes or obsessive tendencies.

I believe that all those sugary drinks and snacks are the main reason we have so many children who have all these mood changes. In this documentary you see one mother justify why her child needs these drugs, while at the same time she’s feeding her child nothing but unhealthy food.

Years ago when I worked in a pharmacy I saw how often medications were abused and given out like candy. I’ve known children who once seemed so happy turn into a shell of who they used to be. They had no personality. This is no way for a child to be.

The best thing you could do for your child is to engage him or her in some kind of exercise. (And help them maintain a proper diet.)

Exercise produces a relaxation response that helps elevate moods. It releases endorphins.

Exercise also raises their serotonin levels, which can reduce symptoms of depression and be more effective than prescribed medications. Look at their diet. Is it full of sugar and additives?

A clean diet can help your child’s moods and how they process information. Are the seeing a chiropractor?

Freeing the nervous system of any irritations have also been shown to aid in easing behavior issues.(which I’m proud to say that I’ve seen firsthand as well!!)  I challenge you to watch this documentary and see if it doesn’t upset you as it did me!