The Best Running Shoes to Support Foot Pain

Walking down the streets of Manhattan you will see varied types of heels, running shoes, and other trendy footwear. You’ll also overhear “my shoes hurt my feet” at least once on a long walk. Fashion doesn’t equate with comfort. As the old saying goes “beauty is pain”. However, if you’re someone with muscle weakness, foot pain, heel pain, or ankle pain, you know that footwear can make or break your day? So what do you do? Do you decide to look trendy for the day and suffer or do you wear comfortable shoes while simultaneously feeling self-conscious of your outfit? It’s a hard decision especially in a place as fashionable as New York City. Thankfully we have a list of shoes that don’t make you choose and we are going to share that with you today!

Muscle Weakness, Foot Pain, Heel Pain, and Ankle Pain: An Overview

Try something for me. Holding on to something in front of you, squat as low as you can keeping the ankles on the ground.

Do you look like the picture on the right? If you look like the picture on the left, you need to work on ankle mobility! Wearing shoes with any sort of platform will directly reinforce the limited range of motion in your feet and make your ankle, foot, heel, or muscles weaker and therefore more susceptible to injury. Muscle weakness of the foot is common. There are many ligaments and tendons surrounding the ankle joint. According to Dr. Myriah Pahl, a Physical Therapist at Living Well Balanced, most patients can move their foot in one direction very strongly but suffer moving it in other directions. Some common issues she sees in our office are:

Pronation: a rolling inwards of the foot
Supination: a rolling outwards of the foot

Certain shoes help different muscle weaknesses of the foot. Knowing which direction your foot tends to gravitate towards can help you find a shoe that supports your foot. Here is Dr. Myriah’s list below:

Best Running Shoes for Women

Georacer II is great for muscle weakness in the foot. This shoe structure keeps your foot closer to the ground and encourages the intrinsic muscles of the foot to work.

Addiction Walker II is a great shoe to help correct over-pronation of the foot ( the rotating inwards motion of the arch). These shoes are also really stylish for other areas of life outside of running.

New Balance
The Fuel Cell Prism works to bring the foot in proper alignment during runs. It is designed for people with over pronation.

Triump 18 is a great shoe to help supinated feet come back to a neutral position.

Best Running Shoes for Men

New Balance
Fresh Foam 860v11 is great for correcting an overpronated foot.

New Balance
The FuelCell Prism works to bring the foot in proper alignment during runs. It is especially helpful in over pronated feet.

The Glycerin 19 is designed to take a foot out of supination and into a neutral position.

Now you are empowered to find the best shoes for your feet. For your convenience, we have gone ahead and linked each shoe for if you would like to purchase them online. If you are in Manhattan and looking for a great small business to support consider checking out Super Runners Shop.