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Okay, so I’ve made some references to this ‘subluxation’ thing in posts from yesterday. I think it’s time to dive deeper on that…

Many families get regular physical exams from their general practitioner, regular dental exams from their dentist, and, as needed, visits to the orthodontist, podiatrist, psychologist, optometrist, or nutritionist, depending on your family’s need for advice on their teeth, feet, eyes or whatever.

All of these specialists contribute something unique and important to your family’s health care. But who takes care of your brain, spine, and nerve system? Who helps you with normal brain, spine and nerve system maintenance and health care, designed to create vibrant, glowing good health and vitality?

It’s your neighborhood chiropractor who has earned a doctor’s degree in brain, spine and nerve system care. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in nerve system care, whether they are helping you with a painful problem so you can get healthy, or providing ongoing wellness services so you can stay healthy and get even healthier.

Families that care most about their health and wellness have learned to include doctors of chiropractic on their list of most trusted advisors. Stay tuned for nine reasons you and your family would benefit from regular spinal checkups.

Dr. Ankur

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