Saluting the New Year!

Wake up!   It’s 6 am New Years Day: ouch my brain…what’d I do last night?…holy cow, where did that belly come from?!   A brand-new year has dawned and then immediately went and smacked you in the face.   (A new year and I still have all of last year’s remnants coursing through my brain and hanging out in my midsection.)  It’s time to take action.   Start your year out right by reinvigorating, reinventing yourself the way you would like to be.  Start it today (and stay throughout the rest of the year).   Wake up to a new you as I did by Saluting the New Year, by Saluting the sun.

On New Year’s morning this year, I did in fact wake up at 6 a.m. and realized that more than another day had dawned: It was time to take some action in my life.  Rather than wait around for this thought to leave me I got up and started setting an intention for the New Year.  In the quick-paced environment that is New York, it can be hard to set aside that essential time that you need for you—a time to give something back to yourself, physically mentally, and spiritually.

My solution: start your morning every morning with 10 minutes of yoga.  Wake up, salute the sun.   Wake up your body and focus your mind.  You’ll come out the other end with a reinvigorated energy and focus to start the day.  Awaken your body and center yourself with this easy morning routine.  It will increase your blood flow and help you to start your day.  Do this every day this year, and you’ll see how much easier the entire day becomes.  How the goals you set out for this New Year don’t seem so daunting anymore.  And all it takes is a simple 10 minute “Hello to the World.”

Start your year off right with a simple act that can keep you in line and awaken your sense of possibility.  Try a sun salutation when you wake, a quick 10 minutes while you’re still in your jammies and watch how it fills each day with new possibility.   Start tomorrow and watch how effortlessly the transformation into your new you can begin by greeting each day with possibility and joy.

If you need helping finding that routine, learning how to salute the day, and some tips on incorporating yoga into your routine, we’re here for you!

Give us a ring, and help us help you shine in each day of this year.

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