Reinvigorating Your Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us: a time of cheer, of sharing, of family and…indulgence.  Most Americans regard this season as a time to let loose and have fun. Then they wake up in January with no energy and a healthy new layer of winter blubber to keep them warm.

I’m interested in learning how to find indulgence in health. To treat yourself to the kinds of holiday rewards which will keep on giving, instead of making your waistline give out.   Don’t you deserve to feel good this Holiday season?   Give yourself the gift of wellness this winter, it’s more indulgent then you think.

Now, I’m an eater. And a television junkie. My gift to myself is usually in the form of dessert…and television. Dessert and TV. Dessert, fried chicken and TV. Dessert, fried chicken, TV and Scotch. A lot of scotch. When I wake up the next morning, however, after a night of dessert, fried chicken, TV and Scotch I usually curse the sun and all these wonderful things that are supposedly gifts to myself.

The problem, I see, for many of us is that we think of rewards as a way of indulging in those things we’re not supposed to have. In the holiday season, we say yes to a little bit more because it’s a season of celebration. Yes, I’ll have one more cookie. Oh, sure, why not another glass of wine? I’ll stay out another hour, or two or three. However lovely that cookie, or cabernet or raucous night out may be, each has consequences that make us suffer.

What I encourage first (for myself and others), is balance. Let yourself have a little something here or there and know that the next day you’ll make up for it. (Four course dinner tonight? Salads and shakes the next day.) I also encourage learning to find rewards for yourself that also reward yourself over the long run.  As busy New Yorkers, the first thing that falls by the wayside at this time of year is taking care of our spiritual and physical selves.

This holiday season, instead of downing a box of chocolates, get yourself a massage.   Instead of pouring down an extra magnum of champagne, give yourself an hour of yoga or time to meditate.  Instead of pulling an all-nighter, schedule an ice-skating date with the family. Rewards can be healthy. Rewards can be fun. Give yourself a gift this holiday season and actually let yourself feel good when you come out the other side of it.  Make yourself a healthy (although still indulgent) holiday list.

This holiday I’m going to try and give myself a huge dose of healthy indulgent things.  And hopefully, I’ll come out in January feeling lighter, brighter, and jollier for having rewarded myself so well.

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