Our Therapeutic Massage Styles

Here at Living Well Balanced, we offer medical massage therapy that is intended to help correct structural issues, muscular dysfunction, manage pain, work with athletic performance, and even aid in certain conditions and diseases. Our team of Massage Therapists provides a range of different styles and techniques that can be tailored to any individual’s specific needs. In this video, Cate, one of the Massage Therapists at our Raleigh office, describes some of the massage styles practiced by our team.

Each of us takes a medical, focused approach to our sessions, and provide our practice members with a clear understanding of what’s going on in their bodies and how we can help them through massage, and self-care techniques. We believe in providing evidence based solutions for the most long term-relief, along with educating people on Holistic Healthcare to help them live their lives to the fullest.

Each therapist here brings our own unique approach to the table. We all have strengths in certain areas, which creates a well-rounded team that is able to provide different styles of massage based on each client’s needs.

Some of our styles include: Sports and athletics massage, which is bodywork mostly using techniques designed for individuals that use their bodies in a highly active way. Deep Tissue and Trigger Point based massage is intended to release overly contracted muscles and strengthen the weaker ones. Energy work, the use of essential oils, and even tools, are also a part of the many skills some of our therapists have.

But, no matter which therapist you see we are all dedicated to bringing the same level of care to each client. If you have any muscle related issues or would like to improve your overall wellness, please book your free consultation visit to find out more!

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