New Year, New Plan.

Many people use the New Year as a chance to set resolutions and declare intentions. Often, these are health goals – eat better, exercise more, and so on.

But a goal without a plan is a wish, so if you are serious about creating some new habits and behaviors that improve your health, here are a few tips to get started.

1. Breathe. Getting oxygen into your cells increases your 
energy and vitality.
2. Hydrate. Your body is 90% water – replenish throughout each
3. Eat clean. Pick organic and non-GMO foods over sweets,
salt and processed meats.
4. Exercise. Choose movement exercises and strength exercises,
up to your tolerance.
5. Learn. Consult health and wellness advisors to guide your

If you want to lose weight, quit smoking, eat more fruits and vegetables, or any other improvement in your health habits, ask your Wellness Team, who “should be” specially trained in all aspects of healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Dr. Ankur

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