My Soul Purpose

Within the last year, my team and I have been coached by a consultant whose training starts with our answering the question, “What is your Soul Purpose?” That is, why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence? Beyond getting by, getting ahead, raising or supporting our family… why did God, or the powers that be, place us on this planet?

My soul purpose is not profession-specific. Yes, I am a Chiropractor, but my existence is bigger than that. Read below to know why I do what I do and what gets me up every morning ON PURPOSE.

Soul Purpose, as I see it, is defined as a unique combination of talents, skills and abilities along with your beliefs, values and strengths that propel you to express your gifts to society and have a tremendous impact on the world. After many hours of self-reflection and writing exercises, even asking 10 of my closest practice members, friends and family members to share with me what they thought was my strengths and top values, I came up with this:

“My soul purpose is to be a necessary relationship in people’s lives. To fill their hearts with love and laughter, their health with freedom from pain and disease, their physical and even their spiritual balance sheets with more deposits than withdrawals and finally, to make people believe that it’s always about progress, not perfection.”

One of my top resolutions for the upcoming year is to not only share my soul purpose with you, but to allow my unique talents, gifts and abilities to help you in 2012 so you can become a better version of yourself.

I’m a great Chiropractor. I’m a loving husband, a grateful son, an admirable boss (at least I think I am), a decent brother and even a pretty darn good dog-owner. These are all various expressions of my Soul Purpose. So what’s your Soul Purpose? Is it to be a healer? An amazing mother? Please share with me some of your unique talents and gifts that you bring to the table. I’d love to read them. And Happy New Year!

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