Massage After a Workout

I recently read an article about how massage is scientifically proven to help the recovery process after a workout [link to]. To summarize: massage after exercise reduced inflammation without stunting muscle growth, the negative side effect of taking pain killers post workout, and also decreased the number of cytokines in muscles, which are linked to pain.

As massage therapists, we know the benefits of massage, especially after a healthy gym session, but research like this helps to validate that much-needed bodywork session massage isn’t just about rest and relaxation. It’s a safe, healthy, effective and noninvasive way to take care of ourselves-mind and body.

Here’s a way to prolong the effects of a massage at home::

  • heat for 20 minutes (as long as the area is not red or swollen and not directly after a workout)
  • 64-80oz water (8-10 cups)
  • stretch 5 minutes every day
  • be kind to your body, if you ache slow down, rest or make a massage appointment!