I’m Bored

The holidays are, well, over. It’s back to reality after over two months of parties, cooking eating, bright lights, snow covered mountains and Christmas lights.  Back to reality comes with one problem for me.  I’m bored.

There’s nothing bright and shiny to distract me and make my everyday life seem as exciting as it was between turkey day and new years.  I’m not big ore solutions though.  They may make things more exciting in the short term but how do you make them last and not get boring, mundane and tedious?

Here’s my simple solution…

Decide what you want to change and change it!  It’s that simple!  I was recently asked to look at a client’s workout program, one that she had been doing for well over 40 years.  My response to that was, “so can you do this in your sleep now”?  She came to me asking to spice up her routine and the obvious solution was to change EVERYTHING!

That was overwhelming for her. But once we looked at her options we realized that it was so simple it was almost embarrassing that she hadn’t done this earlier.  We explored options such as Zumba classes to spice up her cardio, kettlebell videos to take with her when she was away at her in-law’s house and had access to the kettleballs that her husband bought in college, hiking when on vacation in the country and swimming when on vacations away from the cold of the northeast.

Her results?  ASTOUNDING!  It’s only been two weeks (we had this conversation between Christmas and New Year) and she took it to heart immediately!  When I see her for a session she is so excited to tell me about the great class she found with her girlfriends to take on a Tuesday night.  Or tell me how she and her husband are planning to challenge each other swimming laps while away next month.  All it took was a quick conversation and the willingness to open her eyes to new things.

So when do I get to have that conversation with you?

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