How to Start Your Fitness Journey

So after days, weeks, months, maybe even years of putting off this decision to start your fitness journey, you are finally ready to make that commitment. But maybe you’re not 100% sure of where to begin. In this post, I’m going to cover 5 tips that will help to get you started.


Mindset, mindset, mindset! That seems to be the keyword these days, but the truth is mindset is the first step to your journey. Not only that, but is the driving force for the entire journey. And to be honest, the fact that you are reading this post means you have it already, but let’s bring it out a little further.So you’ve made the decision to start, but why do you want to change your lifestyle in the first place. This why will fuel your mindset and help you stay committed to the process. Ask yourself: Why do I want to do this? Why now? Then jot down a couple of answers and go with the ones that really move and motivate you. Once you have your why, keep it in the forefront of your mind and know that you are capable of achieving what you are looking for.

2. Ease yourself into it

At this stage in the process, you want to develop healthy habits. You will have a higher chance of lasting change if you ease yourself into it. Start off with a simple exercise routine that you can handle every time you do it. For example, head to the track and walk around it 5x at a fast pace. Or walk one, jog/run one and keep alternating for 8 laps. And it doesn’t have to a track, it could be any set distance. Another simple routine would be to start with the basics – pushups, bodyweight squats and some jumping jacks. Do a few rounds of these and you will be set to go.How many times during the week? You may want to exercise 5x week, but start with the frequency that you can incorporate into you life at the moment. If it is 5x a week, great!  The point is to get started with something manageable so you can achieve a level of success that will keep you motivated.Remember this is a marathon, not a 300m dash.

3. Adequate Rest

Get some sleep! This is a journey and it will require adequate amounts of quality sleep. Staying up late last past a time that cuts into your 7-8 hour sleep window will catch up to you. Turn the Netflix and phone off at a certain time. Set up a healthy sleep routine that will propel you during the day, supplying you with enough energy for the day.Note: Exercising can help improve your quality of sleep.

4. Stay on Task

How are you going to keep yourself on task? Accountability. There are many ways to hold yourself accountable:Tell someone about your journey and ask them to check in on youWork with a personal trainerWorkout partner – someone who has dedicated enough time to their own journey and motivated youCreate a weekly checklist of what your intentions are for the week – this is a great visual tool that makes you feel good when items get checked off. No checks? You got work to do!

5. Have fun!

Enjoy the ride. Everyday won’t be perfect, and some days will be better than others. Stay consistent, and understand that every small act contributes to your overall fitness journey.


Blog By Steve Edwards