How To Prevent Knots From Developing

What is a knot?

First off, let’s define what a KNOT is in your body: Knots are those bumps that we feel in our shoulders,neck, low back, hips etc..that can cause us pain, numbness, tingling and sometimes decreased sensation.  Massage therapists refer to “knots” as adhesions because they are literally muscles that have adhered or stuck together.

Removing adhesions is a massage therapist’s main objective, muscles should be gliding freely to create movement not stuck to other muscle fibers.  So how do adhesions happen?  The biggest reason is dehydration. Muscle fibers should have space between them which is called critical interfiber distance and when we don’t drink enough water or had too much coffee or alcohol, we decrease the space between the muscle fibers and like dry spaghetti they stick!

Other reasons for adhesions? Stress and unhealthy habits like holding a heavy bag on the same shoulder, using your shoulder to hold your phone to your ear, crossing your legs, sleeping in an awkward position and the list goes on!

How can you prevent knots?

  1. Consume more water
  2. Lighten your backpack or purse
  3. Use your hand or an ear set when talking on the phone

And finally, to prevent and rid your body of adhesions you have to stretch!

Oh yeah, and be sure to get a message.

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