How to Boost Your Natural Immunity

Immunity feels like a buzzword right now. Throughout the pandemic people have been wondering how they can boost their natural immunity while others are frantically googling ” how long will it take to build immunity after getting the covid-19 vaccine?” These are all valid new questions, but immunity is not a new concept. Immunity is our body’s ability to fight off diseases. It does so through our white blood cells, the security guards of the body. The white blood cells can detect any foreign pathogens that come into the body and then initiate the immune response by creating proteins called antibodies. While all this is happening on the molecular level, we are experiencing symptoms such as fevers, sniffles, and more. However, even our immune system needs help to function at its best. Healthy habits support the body’s stress response and when stress is down the immune system can go to work effectively.

Here are 5 ways you can boost your natural immune system

  1. Maintain a healthy diet – as with most things in life, being mindful of your choices now predicts your outcome later. A healthy immune system needs clean energy to operate at its best and that comes from healthy food sources. Be sure to get vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin E in specifically.

  2. Exercise Regularly – Studies have shown that engaging in as little as 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise every day helps stimulate your immune system. Now is the perfect time for that as we currently have a special going on. Grab 3 personal training sessions for $199 here! Save $26 dollars.

  3. Hydrate and then hydrate some more – water is your friend right now!

  4. Get lots of sleep – Sleep allows our body time to regenerate. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough quality sleep are more prone to getting sick after exposure to viruses, such as those that cause the common cold.

  5. Minimize Stress – stress takes a toll on our bodies. It’s often the silent killer and a big reason as to why American’s life expectancy is on the decline. You can get some help with that by taking advantage of our 25% Massage Holiday deal.