7 Nutritional Antidotes to help undo the damage of Holiday cheer ! Thursday November 7th at 5pm

Enjoy drinks and snacks with our special guest speaker from Standard Process. Learn the top nutritional supplements and herbs to have on hand in your natural medicine cabinet to ease the effects of the holiday season! Lisa Moore RDN will arm you with an arsenal of antidotes so YOU can ‘ have your cake and eat it too’!

1-  Eating too much ( Thanksgiving )

2-  Drinking too much ( Holiday parties)

3-  Over doing sugar and carbs ( holiday cookies, gifts and treats )

4-  Feeling the blues and anxiety ( stress associated with relationships lost and shopping )

5-  Weight gain

6-   Immune challenges from all of the above

7-   Inflammation from all of the above

Please RSVP by Wednesday, November 6th.