Health Talks ‘R’ Us

Spas have been one of my favorite places to go to relax for one main reason: I can have several services done all under one roof.

There’s one other place that’s seen as a “one-stop shop” but one where the services embrace the next level of health which is wellness care. That’s Well Balanced Chiropractic. Everyone should experience the WBC approach to health. Besides the consult and comprehensive exam, followed by an even more extensive Report of Findings, the health talks put the WBC team at the top as health and wellness educators in New York.

We give Health Talks every month on a Thursday. Topics range from detoxification to exercise. Our talks inform people on health and wellness. They are designed so that anyone in the community can learn from them, and will help make you more aware of the health in America today.

The speakers will demonstrate that if you don’t start educating yourself and caring for your health now, YOU will become a statistic in today’s national health crisis. Some of the workshops/talks include a special expert guest speaker. Attending one of our workshops will inspire you to apply the knowledge you will receive to your daily activities and enable you to see and feel the changes you desire.  The programs given at the workshops if members decide to execute are proven systems and more importantly, effective due to options and specificities.

If you’re someone who’s been looking for the most recent and cutting edge information on health and wellness or answers to finding the cause of any symptoms or pain you have been living with, then WBC workshops will be of most value to you. For any questions, please contact us at 212-579-2858.