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Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving time, and in staying with custom, we’d like to share with you a few things we are truly grateful for this year.

Here’s a short list…

We’re thankful for stress-free spines, flexible joints and healthy postures. Supple muscles with great flexibility and kick-butt strength. Unimpeded nerve systems, through which the gift of healing flows, coordinating all the functions that sustain life. An abundance of eager referrals, positive press and miracle testimonials. 

We’re especially grateful for our Principle, and the many lives that have been saved by its faithful application. That the power that made the body is the power that heals the body – it needs no help, just no interference.

But most of all we’re thankful for all of our practice members and our Team who, through their trust and unrelenting desire to advance life, have come to appreciate these things as well. Our company is nothing without you – our Wellness Family. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, above down, inside and out.

Love, Dr. Ankur

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