Get Fit While Having Fun

Did you know that nine times out of 10 people put “get fit” on their list for the new year?

That means you’ve got to find time in your busy schedule, motivate yourself and drag yourself to the gym with your perfectly structured workout routine…..right? If the gym isn’t for you there are organized and more fun ways of getting into shape giving you variety.

The great thing about getting into shape is that it doesn’t have to be going to the gym.  You can sign up for kick boxing classes, dance classes, capoeira classes or, if you’re feeling particularly confident, then why not try the increasingly popular pole-dance classes? New York has numerous facilities offering the types of classes I mentioned, plus more. All you have to do is purchase a class card and go. Let the teacher guide you through everything as opposed to awkwardly walking into a gym and staring at equipment you’re not sure what to do with.

The easiest thing to do is go onto Google, type in the style of class you’re looking for and — unlike at many gyms — you can try different classes without a lengthy gym contract.

Some places you can look at are Broadway dance center, Step on Broadway, Alvin Ailey or Dance New Amsterdam. Enjoy upbeat, fun and new activities while getting your heart rate up, toning your body, burning calories and getting into shape.

It’s as easy as can be to stay fit in the New Year. It should be no problem keeping your resolution in 2012.

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