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Excellence, Seriously!

I’m going to live well past 100. Not only am I going to live well past 100, I’m going to be active, healthy and surpass young people half my age when I am well past 100. “Seriously?” you might say. The answer is yes, seriously.

I strive for excellence the same way you do and I’m here to share my secret to not only living well past 100 but doing it well. But let’s start with the here and now. 100 is great but what can I do now to help my “less than 100 year old existence” so I don’t have to wait until I am 100 to make all those young’uns think of me as that uber-healthy, active person dancing rings around them while juggling a family, a career, friends, etc.?

I have one word for you, COACHING. Yes, I know I am a coach, but so is the rest of the WBC team. We coach not only the fitness aspect of your life but the nutritional component, the rest and recovery component, the health component and even a little of the mental component. You know that the strength of an organization is only as strong as the individual parts that make it up and we have compiled the best of the best here at WBC to help coach you in all aspects of life. We are your coaches, your support system, we hold you accountable and we welcome questions that challenge our methods and make us better at our coaching jobs.

The question is this, why are you only utilizing a small part of our whole body coaching team?  If you only do PT why are you not doing massage, yoga, chiropractic, meditation or nutritional counseling?  The same question goes to our practice members who only come in for adjustments, only do nutritional counseling, only do massage, only take advantage of ONE of our amazing services.  Studies have shown that you recover faster after a workout with a massage. You can lower your stress level with fitness AND meditation. Yoga helps with flexibility but strengthens the body AND the mind. Chiropractic keeps our nervous system functioning efficiently and without issues. I could go in and on linking our services together.

The bottom line is that with balance of all components of our wellness we can all strive to live well past 100 and do it with more energy than if we just sit around and do nothing to maintain ourselves. If you are a practice member, ask yourself this. “Am I taking advantage of everything available to me?  Or better, do I want to be the best?  Because we have the team that can get you there!

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