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Environment: The New Thing Now

What is the newest, hottest thing in New York City?  You, if you’re ready to travel in the right circles!  Hurricane Katrina, hurricane Irene, and a host of global environment problems, not to mention a decade of unseasonably warm temperatures, have begun to heat up talk about the environment and food quality.  But more important, they’ve also brought the focus back to American lifestyle, with its pollution and poor health. Even if you’re single now, do you want your kids to live in a society destroyed by one country’s poor habits being spread everywhere?

Like the common cold, poor habits can be contagious. Good habits can be too – if you make tem attractive enough for others. You can help make good habits sexy by doing one simple thing: making choices that help your body and the world. Eat organic foods as much as you can!  The pesticides and farming practices for all kinds of non-organic, commercially grown produce are helping to exacerbate environmental problems, disastrous climate change and, even worse, poor health for millions of people.

The toxins in food are a silent killer, first changing your hormone balance and weakening your constitution, then setting you up for a lifetime of chronic disease.  You’ll lose the ability to sustain your energy, your relationships, and your passion.  Meanwhile, the livelihood of your world will also continue being choked off.

Have you seen the amazing colors of coral reefs, the thousands and thousands of amazing rare species, the sparkling white peaks of mountains and glaciers?  Eating more organic meats and produce helps us save those.  Do you like dancing all night long and looking like you’re 25, even at age 35?   Eating more organic food helps with that too.  It’s so easy to do!

There are more and more supermarkets that stock organic sections with all the foods that you love.  Best of all, when people see what your habits have done for you they will notice, and more people will copy you.

Can you imagine a world full of more and more sexy people, everywhere you look?  Me too. I’d love it!!!

Love yourself by choosing healthful organic foods, and both your body and your world will love you back.