Eating Healthy Can Be a No-Brainer

You’re working at your desk, you’re running to a meeting, you’re driving to drop your kid off at school before work. These familiar tasks make up your day. With so many things to do and not enough hours in the day in which to do them all, you may find it a challenge to actually eat something, let alone food that may be best for your health and energy.

Most people with little time tend to snack on junk food, which can lead to undesirable results such as weight gain and lethargy. But you can replace the junk with spunk: There are many simple snacks you can keep on hand that pack a lot of nutritional benefits while filing you enough to keep you going through your long day.

The average hungry time-challenged person often opts for a bag of chips, a piece of candy, or perhaps a muffin and calorie-rich coffee as a quick snack.

Not only do these foods contain excess salt, sugar and calories, as well as other ingredients that are hard to pronounce, they can also cause sugar rushes/crashes, lethargy, and weight gain. Try stocking up instead on snacks that are not only quick and simple but offer vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These include fruits like blueberries, raspberries, grapes and sliced apples – and they take about a minute to throw into a container and take with you as you walk out the door.

Celery, carrots, and zucchini are can be easily sliced and placed in a small container that takes up minimal space at your desk. If fruits and veggies aren’t your thing you can try keeping a container of almonds or trail mix at arm’s length. These snacks not only taste good: you won’t suffer from the effects of other quick go-to junk-food snacks.

This is a quick and simple investment that will surely make a positive difference in how you feel through the day. With neighborhood food-market options such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Zabar’s and Fairway, you are sure to have no problem accessing fresh, healthy snacks. This is an effective way to keep yourself at a healthy weight, while getting your body the nutrients it needs.

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