Becoming Centered During the Holiday Season

Every year around the holiday season I can find myself overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle.  I want to have memorable moments with family and spoil my boys with gifts. And of course there’s always the responsibilities, such as eventually paying my Christmas bills). The holidays can bring more stress than season’s greetings.

What I do to enjoy the holidays is to stay centered using meditation. Without my meditation I would have more gray hair! When I feel my stress level increasing, first I tell myself to breathe. And immediately on doing this, simply concentrating on breathing, I am aware of a focus in my center.

Breathing brings down my stress level dramatically, and allows me to focus on the sharing and fellowship of the holidays.  By finding calm, by finding my center, I’m able quickly to restore my sense of gratitude, for my family, for my loved ones, and for the opportunities I’ve had throughout the year.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m a meditation professional, and even I need to remind myself to breathe sometimes. So even if you’re used to meditating (or if you’re new to it), it pays to take a step back and simply…breathe. This will allow you to become aware of your center, and step back from the stress to give thanks and enjoy your holidays.

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