An Hour to a Better Mind & Body

Time is finite.  There’s a lot to be accomplished in the limited number of ours we have each day.

So when you have free time you want to know you’re spending it efficiently and effectively.    That time is valued and never wasted.  Even at the high-speed pace of this city, we still need to take a moment to recharge, rebalance and re-center both your body and your mind.  Bring the two together, align your body and mind with an of yoga a week.

Our physical and mental selves both bear the brunt of a fast paced modern life.  We can become disjointed, fatigued, and scattered.  The principles of Yoga are about the bringing together of body and mind: a comprehensive physical and mental realignment.  Here at Well Balanced Chiropractic we offer personalized private hour sessions, streamlined for you, your needs and goals.

We create a comprehensive practice to give you what you need spiritually, mentally and physically in a weekly hour long practice based on the principles of Iyengar Yoga (an alignment-based yoga specialized in maintaining the health of the spine) and Ashtanga Yoga (A more fast-paced physical practice).

Our Yogaworks Internationally recognized certified instructor will provide you with the best and optimal practice you need in your busy life.

Our lives are fast-paced in this city.  Within our overbooked schedule we value that downtime.  Use your time superbly, to recharge for the rest of the week with a simple hour of Yoga a week.