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A Little Inconvenience, or a Lot of Pain?

Taxi fare for your knees?

I hope a message from a recently lost relationship will be your gain. A client emailed to say that she can no longer benefit from us because she can’t make it to my training site.

Like my client, many of you commute as much as an hour each way and often lose more hours of sleep due to joint and muscle discomfort. I was saddened by the loss of this client, of course, but more for her herself: She has major knee pain, and is stressed out and frustrated by her lack of progress in alleviating it. What’s worse, her schedule and commute have been hurdles to recovery. This woman is well into her 50s and has struggled for years with her physical fitness and pain-reducing therapies, and only found success via Well-Balanced Chiropractic’s combination of fitness training and Chiropractic care.

This woman is also a smoker, and has the chronic problems that come with this. To deal with these, we first introduced small changes in hopes of helping restore her balance gradually. It was working.

She was practically singing after our meetings and calling us her “therapists.” The problem was that she needed to rise at least one to two hours earlier than she normally did in order to meet us. Faced with that dilemma, she decided not to seek further treatment, but opted for surgery.

Did she choose not to pay attention to herself? Did she forget the lost hours of work, pain and limping, the frustration of missed activities due to her pain? Did she notice that she had gained more weight? Maybe lost relationships? Would it take another six months looking for help that’s just an hour away by train, perhaps 30 minutes and $30 by taxi? She needs our help but she needs to see where her priorities lie: in feeling better.

In the grand scheme of things I’m sad for a woman about to lose years of convenience via knee-replacement surgeries. I wish she could see what I see: that a subway ride there and back costing 90 minutes of time for six to eight weeks would be better than invasive surgery. That getting up a little earlier and seeing us would help her manage, alleviate and even eliminate the causes of her pain, and allow her to experience all the joys of a healthy body.

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