About Living Well Balanced

At Living Well Balanced, we believe that your body holds the innate ability to heal itself from within. Whether you are looking for pain relief from back aches and sports injuries, or to improve your game, we are here to provide the support and lifestyle improvement customized to your time and lifestyle goals. This is why we don’t just treat your symptoms, we delve further to identify the causes lying underneath.

Maybe the mild ache in your shoulder is due to an old injury acting up. Or the lower backache you’ve been complaining about is caused by a misalignment in your spinal column. Our doctors work with you to understand the underlying cause of your pain so that it can be treated effectively. We offer physical therapy and chiropractic care, clinical and therapeutic massage, private and semi-private personal training, assisted stretching, nutritional therapy and access to the highest quality supplements and essential oils.

Ankur Prakash, DC created Living Well Balanced in 2004 with the aim of providing holistic health and wellness under one roof. Located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, New York, Living Well Balanced has since been providing true physical, mental and spiritual balance to everyone that walks through the doors.

In 2019, Dr. Prakash extended the clinic’s spectrum of services by partnering with David Levkovich, DPT to incorporate his expertise in physical therapy. Dr. Levkovich does not follow the classic "cookie cutter" approach to treatment but focuses on using cutting edge treatment techniques to cater to the individual needs of each patient.

Over 90% of illnesses today are a result of stress. A tech-driven, fast-paced and high-stress environment has made chronic stress very common in many patients. That’s why we offer personalized care to provide you the support you need to lead a healthier life. If you are suffering from chronic back pain and neck pain, chronic diseases, headaches and migraines, allergies, repetitive stress injuries, poor posture, and limited flexibility you will find our total-body approach more effective than anything you’ve ever tried before. We combine chiropractic care with the latest physical therapy techniques to provide treatment that gets results.

A Wellness Center Like No Other

Our Manifesto of Care

We will provide the most up-to-date, cutting edge care to get you well and keep you well.

We will provide a fun and positive environment every time you walk in the office.

Our care is top shelf and our programs are all-inclusive.

We are highly intuitive and believe that people can and should live longer, happier lives through natural healthcare.

We look to build unshakeable trust in our practice members and our community and we strive to be transparent with everyone we meet.

Living Well Balanced

Our Health and Wellness Solutions

Do you want your body to take care of you? It’s simple, take care of your body first!

Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at Living Well Balanced take a unique approach to treatment. While many other clinics employ passive modalities, we make active and cutting edge techniques a priority, focusing not only on "what" hurts you, but also "why" you are in pain. You will receive a comprehensive movement assessment to determine how you move in your daily life, that we use to help create a personalized treatment plan to reduce your pain and improve your movement. We offer a holistic approach incorporating cupping, taping, GRASTON soft tissue mobilization, TPI golf screening, balance training and more. We strive to meet all your wellness goals.

Personal Training

Our Living Well Balanced personal trainers create specialized fitness training plans that cater to the types of exercise your body needs. We take great care in teaching you how to work with your body, rather than just barking orders at you! Plus, you not only receive the benefits of having a personal trainer to coach you through your workouts, you have the added advantage of your trainer and chiropractor working together. They will review results from your initial checkup and consult on any symptoms that you have been experiencing to create the perfect plan to optimize your recovery, progress, and continued wellness. Whatever your fitness goals are, our experts deliver maximized workouts for the fastest results and make the best motivational partners to boot!


At Living Well Balanced in Manhattan, we know that a proper diet combined with physical activity can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for chronic diseases, and promote your overall health. We offer nutritional therapy, which allows us to identify imbalances in your body such as nutritional deficiencies. We then adjust your diet and lifestyle to target nutrients and put you on the path to optimal health. You won’t find a quick fix or the latest fads here. Our goal is to provide you with the information, tools, and support to bring about meaningful change in your health and well-being.


Our Manhattan chiropractors honor the self-healing principle: Your body has an innate intelligence that organizes and heals itself, and that your brain, spine and nervous system are the master control systems of your body, and that when interfered with by stress, this causes your body to function at less potential and unable to heal itself properly. Chiropractic care helps your nervous system to operate smoothly. Interference is removed and prevented, which allows your body to function beautifully without having to overuse medication or consider surgical options, by addressing the cause of your pain. Our chiropractic techniques are gentle and reinforce your body’s ability to heal itself properly and function at its best.


Massage Therapy at Living Well Balanced in Manhattan is not only a relaxing way to pamper yourself, it can also help to heal the body and promote an overall sense of well-being. When you have tight muscles, they work to pull you out of a healthy alignment. This lessens the length of your chiropractic adjustment and results in your body feeling achy or tight. Our therapeutic massage therapists and chiropractic clinic work in tandem to retrain your body to take its time, calm down, and relax. We offer a variety of massages, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical, Prenatal, and more. Our massage therapists are experts in their field, providing a personal touch to effect proper function in the nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems.

Assisted Stretching

You may have noticed some changes in your flexibility over the past few years. It started out subtly, a catch here and there, but then one day you realized you couldn’t touch your toes or scratch that one spot in the middle of your back like you used to. How did that happen and where did all this stiffness and restricted motion come from? With assisted stretching, we target specific muscle groupings and their joints to restore motion and flexibility—much more than you will ever get back on your own! Let us help you rediscover a more youthful version of yourself when you regain control over your muscles again!

Essential Oils

We are proud to offer doTERRA essential oils to our Manhattan practice members. Essential oils use aromatic compounds from plants to help maintain a healthy mind and body. At Living Well Balanced we incorporate essential oils throughout your entire experience. You’re bound to run into the wonderful aromas we have put in our diffusers throughout the office or during your massage sessions, soaking in the many aromatic benefits that are endless. Each doTERRA essential oil is tested using the strict Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol, delivering you only the finest in essential oil experience.