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Massage Therapy at Living Well Balanced in Manhattan is not only a relaxing way to pamper yourself, it can also help to heal the body and promote an overall sense of well-being. Our team of licensed Massage Therapists can offer you therapeutic massage therapy and back-pain treatment that will provide you with back-pain relief, or relief for any kind of back problems from muscle tightness to soreness. Our approach is more clinical and holistic, rather than spa-based, to get you the most rapid and long-lasting results.

Massage Q & A
What are the health benefits of Massage Therapy?

You may not realize the healing potential of massage—you may simply be aware of its calming quality. But massage is an important tool for continual regeneration of your body. It’s easy to see the benefits of massage through relaxation and release of tension in the muscles. But therapeutic massage has many more benefits to your health, such as overall stress reduction, promoting a healthy immune system, and better sleep. Many of our practice members have profound relief from headaches and TMJ issues, more flexibility, and find the correction for poor posture.

Why is massage recommended in addition to chiropractic care?

Chiropractic and massage work hand-in-hand, easing pain and strengthening the muscle. When you have tight muscles, they work to pull you out of a healthy alignment. This lessens the length of your chiropractic adjustment and results in your body feeling achy or tight. Our NYC therapeutic massage and chiropractic clinic work closely together to retrain your body to take its time, calm down, and relax.

We provide a personal touch that will make certain you receive the best massage for your specific needs. It took time for your muscles to get tight and knotted, so we will take the time to retrain and relax your muscles through extensive massage therapy and help your body get back into a proper position.

Of course, some of our clients are here for only massage, but we see the best results when our practice members are using both chiropractic care and therapeutic massage at the same time. The combined therapies will help you move your body towards balance through better movement and overall well-being so you get the most out of your chiropractic adjustment.

Will adding massage to my personal training help?

If you find yourself trying to work-out with an injury, stuck in a plateau, or plagued by fatigue during your fitness training, you may want to consider adding massage therapy to your routine. Massage gets the blood moving into the soft tissues, which brings in oxygen and fresh nutrients while stimulating the lymphatic system to remove cellular waste. Tight muscles and soft tissues are relaxed, which increases motion at the joints and prevents the risk of injury. Adhesions, or scar tissues, are removed from the injured tissues while stimulating new, healthy tissue to form in its place.

When therapeutic massage is added to our personal training client’s routine, they find their recovery time is much faster and they are less prone to injury during their work-outs because their range of motion and flexibility is greatly enhanced.


Getting Started with Massage

At Living Well Balanced, we view massage as a necessity, not a luxury. That approach allows our massage therapists to develop a close clinical relationship with our client’s bodies. You’ll find your first 15-30 minutes of your session is communicating with your therapist. We want to identify clear expectations you have from your massage session with us and what your past experiences with massage has been. We want to know how our massage therapy can help move you towards your overall health goals.

At the beginning of your first massage therapy session, we will have an in-depth consultation about what you are expecting massage to do for your health and well-being. After we know what direction you want to go, we will take a physical assessment of your flexibility, muscle and ligament motion, fascial and soft tissue integrity, and how that all affects your overall health goals. This consultation and real flexibility exam lasts about 15-30 minutes before your first massage. You should plan for 90 minutes at your first massage therapy session.

You know you want to try our clinical, therapeutic massage at Living Well Balanced, so call us today at 212-579-2858. Your first appointment is waiting for you!

Massage Price List

Customized Massage Sessions. Special rates available for students, and licensed massage therapists.

90 Minute Inital Session$150

Includes initial consultation, flexibility assessment, and 1-hour massage.

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