Why the scale isn’t always the best measure for success

Picture this: The typical American wakes up for work and stumbles sleepy-eyed into their bathroom. After going to the bathroom and brushing their teeth, before their eyes are even fully open, they step on a cool metal scale, and their eyes sadden when they see the number. They’re only been awake for about 5 minutes, and they’ve already raised their stress hormone levels. Unhappy and disgruntled, they get ready for their long work day.

First, let me say that I am not completely discounting the scale as a tool. I think it can be greatly utilized for people who are trying to MAINTAIN weight loss! However, I do feel as though people who are just starting out should take into consideration that they are completely changing the inside of their body on a cellular level. This is why when a person starts exercising more frequently and changing their diet in hopes to lose weight, the scale can be very deceptive.


When you start a new exercise regimen/weight loss program, a few things happen.


Typically, you’re more apt to setup unrealistic expectations for yourself. When you’re working hard at your diet and exercise to improve your body, it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like your body isn’t “keeping up” with all the mental progress you’re making. In fact, it can take about 4-7 weeks of diet and exercise in order to see SOME significant change in our body. Sure, the scale may move 1-3 pounds each way every day, but that does not tell us very much about lasting results – which is why assessments such as a machine that can take your body composition (muscle mass versus fat mass, etc). The thing to remember here: the scale only measures your gravitational pull to Earth, not how much muscle you have in your body versus how much fat!


When you continue to work hard and stay dedicated to your fitness and diet, it’s easy to get so fixated on the scale and what the scale is telling you. This creates a sort of “tunnel vision” that completely blinds you from all of the amazing work you’re doing to help your body become stronger and healthier! Sure, the long-term benefits may not be as important to you in the moment, but don’t forget about all of the amazing benefits of eating healthier and working out more (better sleep, managed stress levels, higher productivity – just to name a few!).

If you’re just starting on a fat loss journey and don’t know where to begin, we at Living Well Balanced want to and CAN help you! No more crazy fad diets or insane workout regimens. In fact, if you mention this article, we will offer you a FREE nutritional consultation with Jolie or Steve / one of our fitness trainers! In this free 15-minute consultation, we can determine what tweaks we need to make for you, and if you decide you’d like to really tackle this and start living a life of food freedom, we can setup a NutraScreen assessment for you, where we’ll help you determine exactly where to start and what should be worked on first.


If fat loss is something that has become such a headache, allow us to help you. We’ll show you that there is so much more than just the number on the scale!



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