What is TRX and what makes it so great?

Originally created by a Navy Seal, TRX suspension training uses your bodyweight as a form of exercise, while also challenging your core 20% more than any other exercise modality. By changing the way you angle your body, each muscle can be engaged in “pushing” or “pulling” motions. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle tone, or overall fitness, TRX can help you achieve your goals!

Because TRX engages the entire body and is centered around solid core strength, this makes it a very functional piece of exercise equipment. The instability that the TRX suspension system creates while you perform movements means that your core is constantly activated. Moreover, the functional movements mean that multiple muscles are worked at the same time. This provides a comprehensive, total body workout.

TRX Suspension training is naturally a low-impact workout, given that the straps are suspended. This is great for people who experience any joint pain, and may have a fear of lifting heavier weights like dumbbells or kettlebells. Because of the low-impact nature, there is a low risk of injury. This means that you can train as you wish, with less risk of injury!

Whether you are 27 or 77, the TRX can help improve mobility and flexibility, building lean muscle and strength. There are no prerequisites to using a TRX suspension trainer, however, at Living Well Balanced we always recommend semi-private personal training to help make sure that you’re achieving your goals, and are performing exercises safely and effectively.

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