THIS could be the reason you can’t lose weight.

Are you following a strict diet and feeling like you’re sacrificing all the foods you love in order to shed a couple of pounds? Let me guess: You’re counting every single macronutrient that you’re putting into your body, counting your calories, and even making sure that you NEVER have any junk food, but you still haven’t seen the scale move more than 1-2 pounds.

Well, what if I told you that your strict dieting could be the cause of your inability to lose weight?

It’s ironic, but research shows that constant dieting (as in, you’re always on a diet or a new diet, and always feel restricted with what you can eat) can make cortisol levels (a stress hormone) rise as much as 18%. When the body’s cortisol levels go up, your blood sugar has a temper tantrum so to speak, and rises and plummets. This causes us to experience that “hangry” emotion that so many people experience! When your body/brain is deprived of carbohydrates—its main fuel—self-control is nearly nonexistent, and your willpower doesn’t stand a chance (which is why you find yourself in the pantry eating the box of girlscout cookies when you swore you wouldn’t!).

So, how can we stop the madness? What can we do to make sure that you’re staying on track to losing weight and meeting your goals?


While so many diets out there can yield amazing results, I find that when people live a lifestyle of moderation, they weigh LESS! When you live in moderation, you allow yourself to eat anything you’d like – but in moderation! No more cheat days or cheat meals. I always say, “if you’re living for a cheat day, you’re living a cheating lifestyle”, and no one likes a cheater. For example, if you go out to a bar with your friends every week for happy hour, don’t scarf down the chili fries just because it’s Friday and you’re feeling good. Share the fries, eat them slowly, and savor them! You’re much less likely to eat more, and you’re taking in the atmosphere of enjoying time with your friends.


Living a lifestyle of moderation is easier said than done, we totally understand this here at Living Well Balanced. However, if you’re feeling stuck in a space of not knowing where to start or what to eat, we have great news for you!Mention this article, and you can have a FREE nutritional consultation with Jolie or Steve / one of our fitness trainers. In this free 15-minute consultation, we can determine what tweaks we need to make for you, and if you decide you’d like to really tackle this and start living a life of food freedom, we can setup a NutraScreen assessment for you, where we’ll help you determine exactly where to start and what should be worked on first.


Don’t stay in the diet cycle, there’s a better way to live!

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