Skillful Techniques Of Managing Your Mood

I was once told by my meditation mentor “there is no such thing as a bad day but, in fact, if you find yourself in a bad mood it’s probably the result of a bad diet and or a lack of sleep.”

Think about it: When do you feel cranky, frustrated and depressed?  For me it’s when I haven’t eaten all day or I if I’ve eaten too much sugar and my body crashes or I am running on adrenaline as a result of not getting enough beauty sleep.

Here are several techniques to manage your mood.

  • First, create a food log and plan your meals for the week including the time for 3 meals and two snacks with plenty of water each day.
  • Second, incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle. I prefer yoga but cardio, strength training and playing sports are all effective in balancing your emotions.
  • Create your own relaxation by reading a book, taking a hot bath or talking to a dear friend.
  • Develop your breathing skills. The more you are aligned with your breathing habits I guarantee you with see amazing results in decreasing your stress levels.

I live in New York and I know how easy it is to start out your day feeling refreshed then feeling run by the time you arrive to work as a result of dealing with the rush-hour commute.  Mood swings can be managed by investing your energy into your lifestyle.  Create a plan of action today and it will be worth it without a doubt.